charity, not solidarity!


*the title is a joke

i find it interesting.

if someone, who you don't assume is impoverished based completely only on their appearance & perceived "intelligence", has a public mental breakdown, you think that they're just "doing it for attention".

& what's wrong with attention? people who seek it, need it. attention is just another word for support, & both attention & support are valid human needs, that a lot of us didn't get enough as kids. including you reading this right now, probably. 🤷‍♂️ [shrugging person emoji]

but if someone who is currently living on the street is having a public mental breakdown, & you're one of these "on-the-ground" "mutual" aid organizers who spout "solidarity not charity", you rush to their aid.

to give them your charity.

bc you see them as the "ideal" victim of homelessness & capitalism.
"deserving" of help.
people who look impoverished enough...
not somebody with cleaner clothes.

some "solidarity", huh?

it's almost like assuming someone's class status & life situation based on a shallow impression is ableist, racist, classist, & capitalist.

so fucking weird, huh?

newsflash: when people on the street have a public mental breakdown? it's also because they need attention.

because people in pain, because all human beings, need attention & help & support, & love.

and if they're having a mental breakdown, it means that they're not getting it.

and that they probably haven't gotten it for a while.

it's been exactly one year since i started trying out "organizing" with so-called "mutual" aid non-nonprofit charities in my city.

in that time, i have done "outreach" with:

six-figure-earning non-Black people who tell me that they think that the solution to the horrifying crisis of people being violently Unhoused in this city is that "leftists should have more solidarity with the upper middle class, bc i grew up upper middle class, & i'm upper middle class now, & i've always been upper middle class"

& text & have zoom meetings!!!!! while DRIVING, while i'm in the car, even after i tell them to stop & that i have trauma from multiple car crashes, but their shitty behavior & also other harassment is excused by everyone else around them bc "they do so much for the neighborhood"

an organization of rich & semi-famous people & ivy league graduates who tell me that i "caused them harm" for telling them that an abuser worked for their previous Big Tech company (ALL of Big Tech (& tbh, this entire country) is filled with abusers & misogynists, why is this a surprise to you? oh right. you're new here) where they made buttloads of money, yet they rush across town to support other Unhoused/impoverished people going through active abuse situations, as if they have any experience whatsoever in supporting people who have experienced the worst shit that is possible in life.

an all-white org (aren't they usually!) in a Black & Indigenous/Latine neighbourhood, one of whom was very mean & ableist to me in a group chat when i made a suggestion that ultimately benefitted the org, but later reached out & apologized, & we are attempting messy, imperfect, human (all positive connotations) accountability, now

prominent social justice celebrities in the community who support (or are!) sexual abusers, & are physically aggressive around MaGes (marginalized genders)

prominent white social justice celebrities who are super publicly & openly proud of the fact that their white skin & white privilege will protect them from being murdered by a cop if they get arrested, when more marginalized peoples wouldn't be able to say the same (translation: you non-Black clout-chasers with your public profile photos showcasing your interactions with cops... are an absolute spit in the face to darker-skinned people who have actually experienced the effects of cop violence.)

people who get to make performative internal improvements to their own organizations at the expense of my own deep trauma, something every good capitalist corporation does after they fire a marginalized person for speaking up about systemic discrimination, forcing me to finally experience complete disillusionment & awakening to the horrifically performative & ableist & clout-chasing bullshit of most "on-the-ground" organizers.

so, you know. the usual for people in white supremacist cisheteropatriarchal capitalist imperialist usameriKKKa: absolutely disgusting capitalist bullshit, the exact opposite of "solidarity", & rampant abuse apologism.

& if you think i'm talking about you, well, i'm talking about a lot of different orgs... so if the shoe fits... then maybe you should change your shoe size?

basically, i simply "organized" with a bunch of orgs filled with mostly rich people who have never experienced much suffering in their entire lives before they were exposed to the real lived realities of white supremacy & capitalism's effects on human beings more marginalized than them, but expect to be lauded endlessly for their contributions, simply bc they have the unearned happenstances of being abled-minded & able-bodied enough & wealthy enough (being housed, & having the time, energy, & health to volunteer = wealth) & well-supported enough (a deeply unearned privilege that diminishes, the more marginalized you are: e.g. when you're trans) & appealing to ableist white supremacist capitalist desireability enough, to do public-facing, "on-the-ground" organizing.

which is kind of how it was in the last city i lived, too. except people were ever-so-slightly poorer, bc they worshipped the nonprofit-industrial complex instead.

it sucks. JiJi is so fucking right when they say that "leftist" orgs that don't center disability justice are performative & counter-revolutionary. it's sad, & it broke my heart so badly that i'm having my worst breakdown in a while. i had so much hope, for so many years, that i would find "my people" one day — revolutionaries — but i'll have to create my own hope now.

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