ANTIHEROINE.co is an independent radical magazine, by and for marginalised people of colour, especially mentally ill/disabled, trans, and queer people of colour, founded by disabled queer trans diasporic Shanghainese Chinese activist 海水仙 hai shuixian (fka sui sea) in-between multiple inpatient psychiatric hospitalisations due to PTSD in February 2017.

We are creating a world without ableist capitalist white supremacist cisheteropatriarchy. Mental illness, disability justice, antiracism, and feminisms of colour are only a few of our foci.

Please support our mission and tell your friends about us so we can continue this work!

Thank you to our amazing contributors✨:

Julia Estacio
Alexander Archer
Raani Begum
Daniel Garcia
Emerald Green
Lani Smith
海水仙 hai shuixian
Fiona Fung
Sascha Alexander
Beau Gunderson

Our current logo was designed by amelie, a blind queer agender Vietnamese-USian artist and designer.