Fiona Fung (she/her/hers) is an artist and designer who lives and works in the Bay Area, California.

Image Description:

Photograph 1: Silhouette of two hands overlaid with the face of a Chinese-USian woman wearing glasses, Fiona Fung.

Photograph 2: A striped cat lies next to half of Fiona's face. She is wearing red lipstick.

Photograph 3: Seven different cups, made by Fiona, are lined in a row.

Photograph 4: A cup that Fiona made. It is half off white, half dark bluish.

Photograph 5: Fiona stands in a field of yellow flowers, wearing sunglasses.

Photograph 6: Fiona is wearing a Frida Kahlo costume for Hallowe'en.

Photograph 7: Fiona is looking upwards, an overlay of flowers projected onto her face.

Image Description ends.

5th photograph taken by Diane Lee.

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