belonging is the very best thing there is

the truth is, i've forgotten how to write.

2009 november 8th

“edward, i finally remember where i belong. you have someone waiting for you too. there’s somewhere that you belong, edward. you should go and find out where.
it’s the best. belonging is the very best thing there is.

♥ faye valentine

what else is there to say?

she smarts with just a few words.

i don’t hate endings, but they leave smudges. nostalgia is that silly, powerful feeling that so many people waste their time over. even if we live in the present, we remember, and memories are the stains on the tiles.

i don’t mean to be melancholy, i just don’t know anything else right now.

so, salutations, sweetheart.

the truth is, i've forgotten how to write.


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