Contribute to ANTIHEROINE.

Contribution is currently primarily by invitation only.

If you're a trans and/or queer Black person, Indigenous person, or person of colour, and you believe we need your voice and your work (all the more power to you!), you can pitch us at [email protected].

We're grateful for your interest!

We only publish trans and/or queer Black people, Indigenous people, and people of colour.

We are a volunteer-run magazine.

Unfortunately, this means that we are not currently able to compensate anyone, as we do not make any money. Our financial situation and how much we make is transparent here. We do not receive any other funding other than through our Patreon account.

We currently do not even have the funds to cover either server costs or domain name costs for this website.

Our editor-in-chief, 海水仙 hai shuixian, also currently receives no compensation for their work, and writes for and works on this magazine on a volunteer basis.

However, we are always working towards our goal of being able to compensate all contributors, and we can't do it without you. Please support our work here.

Our values around compensation

Our goal is to eventually pay our most marginalised contributors generously. Currently, we are working towards this goal with the help of our supporters.

Eventually, we aim to compensate on a positive sliding scale, with the most marginalised contributors based on class, race, disability, and gender receiving the largest compensation.

The following is how we personally conceptualise marginalisations and intersections of oppressions, in the following orders, with consideration for intersections of identities and oppressions. This is also how we prioritise who we publish.

We prioritise compensating more on both the following axes, and on the axes of race, respecting how these identities and oppressions intersect with race.

We prioritise compensating our contributors more, who are (in this order):

  • Unhoused people
  • People with no or low income
  • Trans people
  • Disabled people and mentally ill people
  • Sex workers

We also prioritise compensating Black and Indigenous trans women/femmes, women/femmes, and trans people more than our other contributors. We also consider how the previous identities and oppressions intersect with race.

We do this with the intention of helping offset systemic income inequities.

Please support our mission so we can pay our contributors generously for their work!