Contribution is currently mostly by invitation only, as we presently have zero funds for compensation. We do not accept any unsolicited work from whites/males, and we will only publish anything by a white male once every season, at most.

If you're a person of colour and believe we need your voice and your work (all the more power to you!), you can pitch us at, but once again: we have no funds to compensate contributors right now.

We are incredibly grateful for your interest!

Politics on compensation

We are working towards being able to pay contributors who are women of colour and trans (including nonbinary) people of colour, our most marginalised contributors. Currently, we cannot afford to, and sui (our founder) is extremely low income and not even breaking even on hosting/domain costs, let along their own labour on this magazine.

Eventually, we aim to compensate on a sliding scale, with homeless, low income, and disabled (in that order) queer and trans and women of colour contributors at the top.

White and/or male contributors are not paid for their work; they are voluntary donations. This is a conscious choice we have made in order to both balance out global pay inequity across axes of race and gender, and so we have more resources to pay trans and/or non-male contributors of colour.

Basically, we pay:

  1. Non-male trans people of colour (trans women of colour, nonbinary/genderqueer/agender/etc. people of colour)
  2. Women of colour, regardless of sexuality (so yes, even cishets, in this case)

We believe trans men are men, and therefore have privilege and are susceptible to toxic masculinity just as any other men.

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so we can pay our rent (hosting and domain fees for the website), pay our women/trans contributors of colour for their work, and maybe even make beautiful print issues one day!