the majority of ANTIHEROINE.'s workers and contributors are based in countries of the global minority (white supremacist capitalist western imperialist states).
most of us are informed by our lived experiences of living in usameriKKKa, unless otherwise stated, and therefore our publication is usameriKKKa-centric.
we openly acknowledge our bias, and usameriKKKa-centricism.

our red and black logo was designed by amelie, a Blind queer agender vietnamese-usameriKKKan artist and designer.

Disclaimer: Neither ANTIHEROINE., nor any of its workers or contributors, is responsible for, nor necessarily supports or endorses, any of the actions, thoughts, relationships, political opinions, et cetera, of any beings or entities published here, outside of what has been chosen to be published on this platform. Neither ANTIHEROINE., nor any of its workers, is responsible for any actions taken in reaction or response to any of our articles. We are not medical professionals.