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Announcing! Emerald Green's Comic Debut: The Gem/The Color #1!

Editor's Note: Emerald Green and I met in the strangest of ways (to say the least), but I'm so glad to know her and be her friend. ANTIHEROINE.co is honoured to be the first publication to publish her amazing art.



Image Transcript:

Page 1

First panel, top left:
The narrator, an Asian woman with wavy hair, glasses, and tattoos on her arms, is sitting down and tying her shoes.
Caption reads: I once had a job that was toxic and suffocating

Second panel, top right:
The narrator is holding a reusable shopping bag while walking towards an intersection.
Caption reads: I stayed because I needed the money

Third panel, bottom left:
The narrator is reaching for a packet of instant yeast on the top shelf in the baking aisle of a grocery store.
Caption reads: If I hadn't been fired, who knows how long I would have stayed

Fourth panel, bottom right:
The narrator is carrying a bag of groceries while walking through the grocery store parking lot.
Caption reads: At first, I panicked

Page 2

First panel, top left:
The narrator is unpacking baking ingredients from the shopping bag.
Caption reads: But the next day, when I realized I didn't have to go back, I cried with relief.

Second panel, top right:
The narrator is weighing ingredients for English muffin dough on a kitchen scale.
Caption reads: Then I was immediately overwhelmed with joy

Third panel, bottom left:
The narrator is rolling out English muffin dough on a kitchen counter with a rolling pin.
Caption reads: If I had known that leaving you would turn out the same way

Fourth panel, bottom right:
A tray of baked English muffins rests on top of a stovetop.
Caption reads: I would have left years ago.

Signed: emerald green [@skeeba]
Dated: 1/31/2018

Image Transcript ends.

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Emerald Green

Emerald Green

Emerald Green (she/her/hers) is a bisexual and biracial weirdo from Denver, CO who loves to cook and overshare via autobiographical comics.

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